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Now that the Christmas lights are out, the wreaths off, the trees put down and the decorations stowed, the dreary anticlimax of Christmas becomes all too apparent.

Well, don’t despair because as the saying goes “Light shines brighter in darkness”. So although January generally feels doom and gloom, it does present us with the perfect opportunity to turn on the light inside us.

You turn on your light by engaging more in whatever activity or thing that lifts up your mood and those of others around you.

With your light turned on, although your account may be in red due to the Christmas overspend, you are not alarmed because it seems more like in orange to you, thus you don’t beat up yourself so much about it. With your light turned on, you begin to appreciate that New Year resolutions are meant to be broken and it is not the “not breaking” the resolution that really matters but the steadfastness in beginning again whenever you break it. And most importantly, with your light turned on, January payday will not seem like a distant stream in a desert but more like 3 bearable weeks away.

Hope you had a great Christmas and wishing you the very best for 2015

Lots of love,

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A time to feel little again

A time to feel little again

Singing in front of the mirror believing to be a pop star, dressing up as a princess believing to have a kingdom, feeling incredibly excited believing Christmas to be truly magical, all seem like distant memories. Perhaps because one has come to the realisation that being a pop star or having a kingdom are all far-fetched dreams. But to be honest, that incredibly exciting feeling about Christmas never really goes away. And in fact, it shouldn’t go away, because Christmas time is about the only time in the year where all the excitement makes us we feel little again.  In order not to miss out from the excitement, it is important that we try and make out time from our ever busy schedules to rekindle some of the norms and customs from our childhood that made Christmas magical.

To give you a helping hand, here are some top tips for you. (In no particular order)

Have a laugh; visit a Santa Grotto with your friends and family. There is nothing as good as hearing those words Ho Ho Ho!!! from the white beard man in a red suit. I must say, the Winter Wonderland at Hype Park London has got an amazing Santa Grotto.

Attend a carol concert, this is a sure winner to get you in the festive mood and a perfect practise session in readiness for any singing that you might do at your family get-together on Christmas day.

Put up a Christmas crib in your house or on our office desk. You will be shocked by how the crib helps bring back fond memories of your nativity play, perhaps when you played a part as a sheep, or a star or, for the lucky ones, a part as Mary. Moreover, the crib helps remind us about the real meaning of Christmas.

To create the right ambience, you may want to consider putting up some Christmas decorations at home, no matter how little. However, make sure that you don’t leave the decorating to the 24th as you may feel overwhelmed with all the other preparations.

Finally, consider buying a gift for someone less fortune than yourself this Christmas because there is truly more joy in giving than in receiving; an indescribable joy and a certain feeling of contentment. There are lot of charities making heart-felt appeals this Christmas for very good causes such as keeping the Syrian children caught in the conflict warm this winter, helping  pregnant women in certain parts of Africa have a safe delivery, amongst many others. Here are links to some great charities;;,;

Hope you find some of these tips useful and hope you make the most of the 2 weeks left to Christmas day because Christmas time is truly a time where we are all allowed to feel little again


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Lest we forget


As I walked through my local high street, casually peering through the shopping windows, I could not help but be drawn to the poppy display on the window of one of the shops. As I stopped to admire the display, I saw the words – Lest we forget – in the middle of the wreath and I began to ponder.

As I pondered on the phrase “Lest we forget , I imagined a huge panorama of situations and I began to appreciate the enormity and essence of the phrase. It is obvious that the phrase refers to the fallen heroes who lost their lives in battle, for which we are eternally grateful, but in a broader sense there are many other fallen heroes who we sometimes tend to forget because of our ever busy lives. Fallen not in battle but from the radar of our social interactions and heroes in the sense that they play a crucial part, even though we don’t realize it, in making our everyday lives more pleasurable

As we start our day and make our way to work tomorrow

  • Lest we forget, the newspaper vendor, who in spite of the bitter cold is always there to sell us our favorite newspaper
  • Lest we forget the station attendant at the train station who is always there to resolve any ticket problems  as promptly as possible  so that we don’t run late to work
  • Lest we forget the receptionist at office, who always arrives early to greet everyone with a warm smile
  • Lest we forget that colleague, who no one ever talks to but who always remembers to initiate the birthday card rounds
  • Lest we forget the office cleaner, who diligently carries out his work and never leaves a speck of dust on our desk or on our computer screen
  • Lest we forget the servers at the canteen, who are ever ready to serve us our chosen dish even when it is finished
  • Lest we forget to smile or to say hello or to briefly acknowledge the people whose duties affect us each day making our lives more enjoyable

And, lest I forget to say thank you for taking the time to read my blog

Happy Remembrance Sunday


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No time, no will. A secret worth sharing!


I dare say, if you have got no time you have got no will, a truth that I discovered recently.

Most times, the maddened rush of life can be quite overwhelming; there is always so much to do and so little time. “How I wish I could have more hours in the day”, “Oh, I’m stressed out, I have many things to do and have no time”, are but just a few of the exasperations that we hear too often. The issue of lack of time is all too familiar to us.

Having been on countless number of time management courses, read oodles of books and articles on how best to manage my time and of course, fallen into the trap of buying any and any gadget or app that purports to managing my time better, I was still not on top of my game. It felt like the more I tried the more I got stressed, the more I got stressed, the more I struggled with time management, it was like a vicious circle, and it felt like I was fighting a losing battle. However, I began to realize that this was a battle that many people were constantly engaged in and so when I discovered the secret to putting order into one’s life, I thought I share it with you all, hoping that you share it with your loved ones too.

Apparently, in spite of all the hullabaloo about planning being the key to effective time management, I discovered that the crux of managing your time well really lies with your WILL, that’s right your WILL. It is one thing having an effective plan but another keeping to it and therein lies the problem for most people. A well-trained will is so crucial to putting order into one’s life because it ensures that you start your scheduled tasks/activities at the appointed time and stop immediately after the allocated time has elapsed, even if you have not finished. This helps avoid over-runs into another task/activity which could further disrupt your entire plan for the day. In addition, a well-trained will helps you avoid interrupting your planned activity with unplanned ones such as checking emails, facebook, bbm, blogs, etc. With a well-trained will you are more likely to be efficient at planning your time, by scheduling the right amount of tasks or activities in any one day, week, month or year, and, by ensuring that you give priority to activities that are not only urgent but also to those that are important.

There is a general notion that the best way to train the will is in big or important situations such as preparing for an exam, trying to lose weight, maintaining a fitness regime or running the marathon, however this does not have to be the case as some of the best and effective ways to train the will is in the little things of everyday. Little repetitive acts help to strengthen the will, for example waking up promptly once the alarm goes off and not snoozing. (Arrrghh!  So hard!). Yet, most times when you win this first battle, other battles during the day becomes easier to combat. More examples of areas in which you could train your will include, controlling your curious ears by avoiding listening to juicy office gossips, waiting for a minute or two before taking the first sip of your nice warm cup of coffee, not clicking on the link to that celebrity news that pops up on your computer screen every now and then, hanging your coat up nicely immediately you get home rather than leaving it on the sofa for some time. These are but a few little everyday occurrences, which at first may seem insignificant but are great at strengthening the will. Training the will is a work of a life time, and just as with most things, the more you do it the better you become at it. So don’t delay you can start now. With a well-trained will, you will see that is much easy to manage your time effectively and accomplish most, if not all, of the tasks on your ‘To-Do-List’.

Take care and remain busy, trendy and happy.


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Can retail therapy really be an entrapment?

It’s Saturday, and after a very hectic week, a well earned retail therapy ensues.

Yes, a therapy with all good intentions at the beginning but more likely to end up as an entrapment at the end of it all.

An entrapment because you responded more to your whims than your needs; an entrapment because you most likely have spent more than you budgeted; an entrapment because you most likely bought things that you will never wear or at best wear once. Oh, the joys of the therapy during the process and then the pains of the entrapment at the end.

Retail therapy need not turn into retail entrapment if a little more care is taken before we embark on our well deserved treat.

Firstly, the importance of making a mental note of your intended budget before setting out shopping can never be over-emphasised because something as little as a budget can help put the reins on your credit or debit card, preventing you from going amok.

Secondly, it is also crucial to apply the Needs vs. Wants test when on a retail therapy. However, applying this test is easier said than done, because there is a fine line, rather a very blurred line in my case, between my needs and wants. Shopping should be fun and exciting and having a list could take the excitement away. However making a mental note of THE one thing that you really need and THE one thing that you really want can help guide you as you peer through the shop windows and rummage through the clothing racks.

So have a great time shopping today and don’t forget to avoid turning your retail therapy into a retail entrapment.IMG_20140905_135339_edit2

Be content with the contents of my bag


Well let’s face it. It’s so easy for we ladies to get carried away when we have a big handbag. Having a big handbag is almost like a licence to carry around more stuff than we actually need. Perhaps more stuff in our bags than in our bedrooms. However carrying a heavy handbag not only damages the bag in the long run but ones posture too.
To fight the temptation of storing too many things in our bags, we have to follow one basic principle BE CONTENT WITH THE CONTENTS OF MY BAG.
Don’t create superfluous needs, do not duplicate items. Ask one’s self, what are the chances of me using this item when I am out? If the chances are 70% or less then. ditch the item. This principle works like magic, try it out yourself.

Beautiful inside as it is outside?

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